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 -- FOR SALE- Feel free to make offers on them! Newly added items:

ROLLEIFLEX Eveready Case for 2.8F, but will work with all Rolleiflexes
from 3.5E and on. With leather cover for meter knob, NO NECKSTRAP.
Mint condition-------------------------------- $85

ROLLEINAR 2 Bay II, Mint condition, in case, with inst..---- $55

ROLLEINAR 2 Bay I Set, Perfect cond., In case.----------- $35


Bay III UV Filter  Mint condition, in Rollei leather case  $25


BAY III Lens cap-- Chrome, folding type, mint------- $60

ROLLEI PLATE ADAPTER SET-- Latest model, in box with Ground Glass
slide, 3 sheet film holders and leather pouch, all near mint--- $75

NIKON MONOCULAR, (half a binocular) 6x20, Just cleaned, near mint
condition.  This little gem is TINY, (45mm x 35mm x 50mm) With
zipper case=============== $25


A Rollei collector friend has recently entrusted me with a load of
Rollei accessories for TLRs and 35mm SLRs including Rolleinars, and
filters.  ALL BRAND NEW and in original boxes. I suspect that he
bought out a distributor.  Here is the listing. 

Bayonet I-- Light yellow filter------------------------ $15
            Light green filter ------------------------  "
Bayonet II-- Light yellow filter----------------------- $20
             Medium yellow filter----------------------  "
             Light green filter------------------------  "

E46--------- UV Filter--------------------------------- $15

E49--------- Medium yellow filter---------------------- $15

WESTON METERS!-- I was offering up a beautiful collection of WESTON
exposure meters, but the Masters III and EUROMASTER are all that
are left.  

The Master III is in cosmetically MINT condition but is non working.
This is the US made meter with stainless steel case. Comes with neck
cord and eveready case.
It is ideal to send to QLM for cell replacement.------------ $20

The EUROMASTER is at QLM, being totally refurbished. Case, neck
strap and Invercone included.---------------------- $80

Another Master III, currently at QLM, British made version, beautiful
condition, with case and neck cord.--------------- %50 


MINOX FLASH-- Tiny flashgun with retracting reflector for AG-1 bulbs.
Fits in any camera shoe and has a PC cord. I have used it on my Leicas,
Nikon and Rolleis.  With brown leather case, a little gem!------ $10 

KODAK Filter Safe for 4 Series 6 (or smaller) filters and a 
Polarizer screen. New condition---------------- $10 


ROLLEINAR/ ROLLEIPAR 2 Set, Bay I, coated, in Rollei case, near
mint, perfect glass-------------- $35

ROLLEI Wrist strap for Rollei 35-- new-- $10

Honeywell Tilt-A-Mite Flash for ALL 3 small flashbulb sizes,
Mint condition.  Battery IS available at Radio Shack--- $10
HELIOPAN UV FILTER- 24 mm for Rollei 35. New, in case & box. -- $15

Personal checks accepted, but only on US banks.  No paypal

Money orders and currency OK, but in US dollars   NO PAYPAL EVER!

ALL PRICES PLUS SHIPPING. Contact me off list, per Marc's request.

        6123 Soledad Mtn Rd
        La Jolla   CA   92037-7017

        (858) 459-6103
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