[rollei_list] Rollei Plate Adapter and Rolleiflex 3,5F Planar

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It’s funny to me the Rollei Plate adapter use. I don’t use it regularly and
then I need to recall each step to load, to shoot and to unload the sheet
film. The fundamental steps are to put the sheet film on the right side
when you upload it into carrier; don’t forget to withdraw the slide and to
fit the sheet film on the focus plane before to shoot, and to fit the slide
on the exposed sheet film before to withdraw the plate holder from the
adapter back; there are other minor details BTW.

I used and I developed the first two Wephota N22 ISO 100 6,5 x 9cm sheets
film I bought from Lumiere Shop in Germany some months ago. I imagined
Beutler A+B would be a good developer for them, but I couldn’t find a
reliable developing time for the combo in the Web, and then I estimated it
between 8 and 10 minutes following the time for some Ilford films. After to
process both film sheets, I found that the Wephota N22 ISO 100 sheet film
was a Fomapan 100 repackaging and the suggested developing time using
Beutler A+B diluted 1+1+8 was 10 minutes at 20ºC, I was lucky (better seen
the largest size):




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