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  • From: Marc James Small <marcsmall@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2007 01:10:49 -0400

At 10:40 PM 10/1/2007, Jerry Lehrer wrote:
>They SOS really do pop when glassless mounts are used!  And this is with
>the best projectors.  I use only GEPE glass mounts
>with anti-Newton glass.

Holy Lord, let us now go into Thy temple and rejoice! After all these years, Jerry and I FINALLY agree on something. I knew there was a reason to keep this List alive!

First, I love MF slides. Bear with me: I like miniature-format (35mm) slides as well, and do a lot of chrome work in the format. But you haven't lived until you've seen a proper MF slide shot by a proper projector. Fair hair-raising it is. I especially love microphotgraphy slides projected. (Eye of Newt and all of that Shakespeare stuff.)

I am not as sophisticated as you guys, so I use a Kiev 66 bought from Mark Chaney. Stan has met him and others on this List know him. This is not the later sophisticated Kiev 66: I have the one built in the tractor factory by a very dissatisfied segment of the Proletarian Masses. It is rude. It is crude. It has a nifty automatic advance: when you are ready, you rotate a knob and the slides switch. It had to be rewired. Er, I don't just mean that it had to be rewired from 220V to 120V. It had to be rewired: the boys seem to have been checking out the cases of Vodka looted from the latest Bolshevik Train. But once I did a bit of spot-welding, it works well, and well it should work. I had to use some bits and pieces from a Carl Zeiss Jena light-set for the TURMON macro set I own but, in the end, I got it all fairly safe. Well, it does pop a bit on occasion. Not to worry: I always carry a fire extinguisher. The optics are really grand and certainly out-do the Leitz MF projectors and are on par with the Hasselblad and Rollei projectors.

Red Green ckaims that Duct Tape is the handynam's friend. Now, I find that a coward's approach and I have told him so, as has Hap Shaunnesy. ("Well, Red, back in the day, there we were, at 20,000 feet over Berlin ... ") But I probably ought to find some electrical tape to wrap up these oddball connections before my next public talk. (Thank heavens, none of you know of this. Oh. Some of you DO know of this? Well, hush your mouths, guys!)

I understand that the next generation of the Kiev 66 slide projectors are a lot less exciting. If it doesn't stir our innards, it probably is for someone else. Why buy perfection when you can make something like 10% perfection and can do so at almost no cost? Think for the future, my hearties!

Having covered the serious stuff ...

Jerry is absolutely correct. GEPE slides are the way to go. VERY thin slivers of glass which allow slides to be easily mounted. We all have problems with orientation -- my wife ALWAYS gets angry, and questionably so, when I am on the way to the bathroom and end up in the closet, but that really IS a tale for a different forum! -- but GEPE makes orientation rather easy by having one side grey and the other white.

The GEPE slide mounts are rather inexpensive and are HIGHLY recommended. MF chromes are HIGHLY recommended. Get a decent screen. Impress your friends. Stun your neighbors. Embarrass your family. Humiliate your children. But the last comes from the cracking Tesla coil that the Kiev 66 ultimately turns into! (Actually, the Kiev 66 I have is a perfectly marvelous, though primitive, MF slide projector and the lenses rae grand.)

My gosh: Jerry and I FINALLY agreed on something. What has it taken us? Fifteen years? It has been worth the wait!


Cha robh bàs fir gun ghràs fir!

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