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  • Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 08:38:23 -0700 (PDT)

Wait a minute -- wasn't the Ektar on the Medalist a 5-element Heliar design (in 
contrast to the 4-element Ektars that were on the Graphics etc.)?

aghalide@xxxxxxx wrote:
    sometimes it ain't the fault 0f the lens. This applies to non-rollei lenses 
as well. Many moons ago I  purchased a Kodak Medalist 6x9 to go along with my 
stable of Rolleis. Again, I reference Schwalberg, the maven of Wetzlar. We 
breakfast and lunched almost every day from 1972 to 1985 or so, when we officed 
at 1 Park Ave " at Popular Photograhy. I wish I had my tape recorder going, but 
instead I must rely on memories. According to Bopp or as known by non-Wetzlar 
people, Bob, Kodak's best lens is the 100mm f/3.5 Ektar on the Medalist. "it's 
a great Tessar", I remember him saying. My new-old Medalist Ektar was a bit 
foggy. I brought it to Professional Camera Repair in NYC. Marty handed it to 
Buddy for cleaning. Got it back in about one-week. Every thing took one week, 
unless it was an overnight and the photographer was going to Selma or whereever 
the next day. I remember Marty repairing cameras  used by photographers 
documenting the March for free. I got the M edalis t
 back the next week and then ran a roll of 120 (I had it changed from 620 to 
120 by the Bald Mountain guys. Wide open it wasn't so good. Could Schwalberg be 
wrong? Could that Tesssar-type lens be not so good?
  A few months later I stuck my finger inside the back of the camera and found  
the rear elements were loose. Could Buddy have not tightened it all the way in? 
So I did. And the frog became a Prince.  This could be the case with Xenars, 
Xenotars, Planars and even Tessars.  Ed Meyers

  Mike Bischof
Delhi, India
  The Photo Blog of my Indian Adventure: http://geocities.com/nbg90455/blog.html

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