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I think your opinión is very reasonable from a technical point of
view, however it was not a studio shot, it was a snapshot. I had no flash and I
had no means to reflect the light on the face. My wife and me were preparing
our suitcases in the hotel room after a lunch with my oldest daughter, when she
came to the room for a few minutes before the farewell. The Lumix was charging
the battery and I used the 35S for a snapshot, the only place with natural
light to shoot camera hand-held was the room's small and narrow balcony, I
could only shoot from a little angle in the room. I had no options considering
the conditions.

I'm glad you can't see the white dots in the image, it means VueScan did its

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It looks like a bounce to lighten the models face would have helped balance it
against the white buildings & sky background. It’s always hard to shoot
situations like that. The composition could be better too, by moving the model
a bit in the frame or choosing a slightly different angle.

I can’t say I can see the grain or white dots.


On 17 May 2015, at 14:16, CarlosMFreaza <cmfreaza@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I think I was lucky taking portraits with the Rollei 35 (35S for this case),
they are in focus or, at least, close to the best focus. This one was the
last frame in the roll and perhaps it's the reason it looks severely
mistreated, it's grainer than the rest of the frames and it's plenty of white
dots, I believed I couldn't save it but VueScan infrared cleaning and grain
reduction helped for the purpose; the print from the lab does not show the
neg damage, the machine underexposed and narrowed the levels for the main
subject very much hiding the problems, but I don't like the print made in the
lab for this image (it was taken at f4):


Another nocturnal view with the Lumix LX7 Leica zoom:



2015-05-15 6:25 GMT-03:00 CarlosMFreaza <cmfreaza@xxxxxxxxx>:
Rollei 35S Sonnar 2,8/40

Lumix LX7 Leica zoom 1.4/24-90mm (35mm equivalent)


2015-05-10 10:40 GMT-03:00 CarlosMFreaza <cmfreaza@xxxxxxxxx>:

Rollei 35S Sonnar 2,8/40

Lumix LX7 Leica zoom 1,4/24-90mm (35mm equivalent)


2015-05-08 10:27 GMT-03:00 CarlosMFreaza <cmfreaza@xxxxxxxxx>:

Last week end I visited Buenos Aires city, our Federal Capital. My stories
book "Rotación de vientos" (Winds rotation) was selected -among 9 books from
other writers- to represent my province (Misiones) at the Buenos Aires
International Book Fair, the biggest Book fair for the Spanish language and
one of the biggest in the world; each argentinean province/state had a
dedicated day to introduce its 2014 literary production through the selected
books and their authors.
I carried a Rollei 35S film camera and a Lumix LX7 digital camera, both
excellent instruments for my brief trip purposes. You feel very similar the
cameras in your hands; the Rollei 35S is more pocketable than the LX7; the
later is very good for nocturnal shots or low- light conditions shots when
you travel without tripod, thanks to its f1.4 Leica zoom and anti-shake
feature (it helps really, but it does not replace a good tripod):

Rollei 35S:

Lumix LX7:


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