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This Robert Capa with his Rolleiflex portrait caption says:
"LIFE photographer Robert Capa clad in battle gear aboard a landing
craft prior to the D-Day landings", photograph taken by David E.
Scherman, LIFE photographer too.

There are some different opinions about the exact Rolleiflex model
Robert Capa used during the WWII; the Rolleiflex seen in the image
above could only be a Rolleiflex Automat or a Rolleiflex Standard New,
the focusing knob is on the left (for the photographer position) and
the two film spool knobs on the left too (it couldn't be a Rolleicord)
and the focusing knob position is different regarding the Standard (or
Old Standard) focusing knob position, note that the ERC is a
transition model with two holes, one of them for the original Standard
focusing knob position.

This other photograph caption about Capa with his Rolleiflex says:
"FRANCE. Arras. 23rd March 1945. Photographer Robert CAPA with his
Rolleiflex camera, before leaving to parachute into Germany with
American forces".

This photo shows the camera front and it is not an Automat and it is
not a Rolleicord clearly, I read some comments saying it is a
Rolleicord based on this image, but it couldn't be a Rolleicord
because it has the crank on the photographer right and there is no a
big knob to advance the film like for the Rolleicordat the time. It
couldn't be a Standard New because the Standard New does not have the
central lever under the lens like appears in the photograph to cock
and to release the shutter, it has the crank and a very visible and
bright shutter release button that does not appear in the photograph;
this time the focusing knob position is not visible, anyway the
viewfinder hood top cover is visible, it does show the Standard metal
grid with the circle at the center for the Sportsfinder, it is in
shadows but I played with the image size and contrast adjustment and
could see that grid and the "channel" for the cable release too, this
camera is a Rolleiflex Standard (old Standard) and then Robert Capa
used at least two Rolleiflex models during the WWII, an Automat or a
Standard New (first photograph, I tend to think is an Automat) and a
Rolleiflex (old) Standard (second photograph).

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