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Peter--I had a similar problem with a 1950's Rollie case and successfully 
re-stitched it. Chances are your case leather is dry. It is important to soften 
the leather prior to any stitching especially along the edges to be worked on.  
I used all-natural Montana Pitch-Blend Mink Leather Oil and made several 
applications.  It cost about $10.00 for 8 oz.  Next, you have to carefully 
remove the old cotton threading and be certain the holes are clear.  Do not use 
cotton stitching thread.   Waxed nylon stitching thread is best and you can 
obtain it in your choice of color from tandyleatherfactory.com.   The 25 yard 
spool  for $3.79 is more than enough. In the catalog the brown thread is 
1227-02.  Be generous in estimating the length of thread. I used two #22 
upholstery needles on either end and chain stitched.  When I went through a 
hole the second time I had to use pliers to pull the needle through until the 
point where the thread was doubled over at the eye of that needle cleared.  I 
also used Tandy to obtain 3/4" leather strapping and rivets to replace the 
disintegrated old Rollei strap.  I hope this helps and saves you some time.  
Fred Collins
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  >> I have a case for a Rolleicord Va which needs to be
  >> re-stitched where the
  >> sides attach to the back. One side has completely
  >> separated from the back
  >> and the other side is missing a good bit of the stitching.
  >> My local shoe
  >> repair guy won't touch it.  Any suggestions, or is there
  >> someone who makes
  >> new cases for a reasonable price?
  >> Thanks,
  >> Peter Schauss
  >     This is a very common problem with Rollei cases from the
  > 1950's. There is spculation about the cause but nothing very
  > definate. In any case the method of re-stitching is shown in
  > a couple of web sites:
  >    Originally, the cases were machine stitched. The sewing
  > machines use a double thread type stitch. Its possible to
  > duplicate this by hand by using two threads and two needles.
  > The method is detailed in the above sites. However, I've had
  > success using a simpler method, namely sewing a single
  > thread back and forth through the holes going one way and
  > then going back the other way with the threads on the other
  > side to form a sort of chain stitch. This looks pretty much
  > like the original and is strong.
  >    One problem you may encounter is rotted leather around
  > the holes. Normally, it seems to be the thread that rots but
  > sometimes the holes are not in very good condition. If that
  > happens you must punch new holes using a large needle. This
  > will work fine and doesn't look bad.
  >    Suitable needles are available and some are named in the
  > sites above. You will need a good thimble and its helpful to
  > have a half glove to protect the palm of the hand.
  >     You can pretty much count on having to re-stitch any
  > Rollei case. Even those that look intact may be found to
  > fall apart as soon as they are stressed a little.
  > ---
  > Richard Knoppow

  I'm a strong believer in resoling though.

  Redwings for instance are cruel shoes till you finally get them resoled.

  Trick is to not wait a decade.

  And there are such myriad various options in souls to pick from.
  Sweet innocent leather ones. Corrupt rubber tough ones.

  Mark Rabiner
  New York, NY


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