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I regret selling my T and I have the tranny's to prove that any shot 5.6 =
above, the Tessar is really impressive.
I will get another.

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So Peter,
         Just wanted to know your opinion on the
Planar because I too have recently purchased a 2.8F
Planar off of ebay.  It is actually being serviced
right now by Ross Yerkes in CA, but on all of the
research I've done (which was about 2 months worth), I
thought that the Planar was the most highly sought
after of all and was the "Crown Jewel".  Now I am
questioning whether I should've just settled on a "T"
and saved the extra dollars would I have been better
Thanks in advance,
MIKE in NJ...=20

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>    at 09:09 PM, Peter Kotsinadelis
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> >Absolutely wrong on both. Its the Tessar that
> produces the best
> >resolution and bokeh.
> Attaboy!
> -=20
> les clark / edgewater, nj / usa

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