[rollei_list] Re: OT iPod (was Re: Wanted to Buy Macintosh SE/30)

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Then I would like to suggest a toothpick!


As mentioned my concern is not just about the technology packed into the
IPLODS, it's about the quality they add or detract from our lives. I think
carrying an "80 gig" hard drive will ensure that we have our entire music
collections on tap. But at the same time it will encourage people to be
"plugged in", as we are sold the fact that our every minute should be
productive. The net result is more time being plugged in and less time
"thinking" .add to this the mobile telephone and the blackberry plus the
internet and the Rollei group !!!, and you arrive at what I see as
dangerous, and that is information overload. 

Solution! simplicity is often better.

Just my multi taskings worth. 




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The iPod does have an alarm clock.

Extras > Clock >Alarm Clock 


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