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Zoom lenses became standard lenses from the analog electronic camera
era,brand new prime lenses are rare today, however a few digital cameras
still have fixed focal length lenses. Good and practical zooms were
considered almost an impossible in the far past, however the Japanese
optical industry (mainly) made them possible. BTW, even the bests zooms
don't show the same high quality image level for every focal length,
quality could vary from superb for some focal lengths to hardly acceptable
for other focal lengths, it couldn't be different keeping in mind they
could change from super wide angle to super tele focal length, but they are
a true solution for general purposes work and you don't want to load
several lenses in your bag.

These are two samples from the same lens, the Pentax A Super Multi-Coated
28mm-80 mm Zoom lens on the Pentax P30t (Agfa HDC100 35mm color negative






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