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At 11:06 AM 1/31/2007, Richard Knoppow wrote:

>    I don't know the last year it was on but Mutual gave up
>all entertainmemt programs in 1960 and concentrated on
>sports and news as a programming service. It also changed
>hands. Mutual was a partnership of five large broadcasters.
>I am not sure who bought it but the headquarters moved from
>WOR in New York to Chicago. _The Shadow_ was Mutual's most
>popular program. It had a sort of false start on CBS in the
>early 1930's but became established as a Mutual show c.1935
>with Orson Wells playing the shadow and Agnes Moorhead as
>Margo Lane. These were rather sloppy shows because he
>reportedly never showed up for rehearsals. I also heard one
>early show were a police _boat_ stopped with a tire squeal.
>The _Shadow_ I remember was Brett Morrison, I no longer
>remember who played Margo Lane.


The SHADOW first went on the air as a segment on Blue Coal's DETECTIVE STORY show on CBS. The Shadow at that time was simply the narrator and was played by Jack LaCurto, then by Frank Readick, George Earle, and Robert Hardy Andrews. The show went to NBC in 1932 but was back on CBS from 1934 to 1936. It was briefly cancelled several times.

In 1937, the show was revamped with Welles and Morehead as the protagonists, and moved to Mutual. It was then sponsored by Goodrich Tires but Blue Coal soon picked it up again. Welles left in the fall of 1938 after "The War of the Worlds" had made him a major celebrity. His place was taken by Bill Johnstone, probably the Shadow we know the best as his episodes seem the most available today. Morehead left in late 1939. Margo Lane was briefly played by Gertrude Warner and then by Marjorie Anderson. Johnstone left in 1943; Cranston was then played by John Archer for a brief time. Steve Courtleigh and Laura Mae Carpenter picked up the roles and held them only for several months. In October, 1945, Bret Morrison and Lesley Woods got the roles; Morrison lasted to the end of the show but Grace Matthews was the final Margo Lane.

The anthracite coal industry suffered a financial collapse in 1949 and Blue Coal ended its sponsorship. THE SHADOW was then hosted by Grove Laboratories and then by Wildroot Cream Oil (Charlie!).

The show ended on 26 December 1954.  Sunday afternoons were never the same.


Cha robh bàs fir gun ghràs fir!

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