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  • Date: Fri, 17 Oct 2008 23:13:44 -0500

At 07:37 PM 10/17/2008, Jon Stanton wrote:
Is it too late to list a couple of slide rules f/s? I have at least 2 K&E's and a Post.

I probably mentioned this before but I took the slide rules that made it through college (and some industrial jobs) with me and mounted them in deep picture frames and put a label on the front:

"Break glass in case of emergency"

Some folks get it, some don't.

I majored in Physics which of course deals with very large and very small numbers. I became good at cancelling out the exponents when you had to multiply a string of such numbers. In Physics the answer was good if it came within perhaps 20% and had the right order of magnitude.

And Jerry, No- I never owned a Curta*, although I wanted to have one when in the sports car club at Convair Astro. I had an Austin Healey 100-6. Mort Rosenbaum had a Gull Wing.

*I did, however, design a simple computer that generated an artificial time from the actual distance traveled and the specified speed. All you had to do, if you didn't get lost, was to make that time match the real elapsed time, sort of a backwards approach but it worked.

I also came up with a little riddle: "I can tell you what time it is if you can tell me what time is."

I don't know the answer and never found anyone who could.


Don Williams

Always keep this in mind:
        "Things never change, they just become different"

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