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Marc, Thor,
Doesn't seem fair to compare 1954 Zeiss designs with 1985 Leica lenses.
Marc, how would you say copmpares the 1954 Zeiss 2.0/50mm Sonnar to the 1950s 2/50 Summicron, and the Zeiss 1.5/50 Sonnar to a 1959 1.4/50 Summilux?

Finding an M6 (or M4 , M5) body for under $1000 can be challenging. M3 is easier.

What I like about the 1950s Contax IIIa is that you got a selenium meter with it, not coupled, but I really like the dials around the rewind knob. WIth the M3 you had to buy the partially coupling selenium Leicameter and lost your flash shoe when mounting it.

I would gladly swap my M3 and Summaron 2.8/35 for a late GX... Anyone out there?


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At 05:01 PM 11/15/2009, Thor Legvold wrote:
With that said, I can imagine the body alone costs a small fortune,
not to mention lenses for it. I was out shooting with my Contax IIa
today, and while it doesn't have as modern a feel as the Leica did,
I'm confident that the glass is at least on a par, if not better
(Zeiss Sonnar 50/1.5 and 85/2 used today). If helps that I had Henry
Scherer restore it to as new a while back....
The latest Contax lenses were designed in
1954.  The oldest Leica M lenses available today
were designed around 1985.  Trust me, the Leica
glass is better than the Zeiss Contax RF lenses,
though the differences are only visible in really critical work.
A Leica M body can be had for around $1000 or so,
hardly a "small fortune".  I have five Leica RF
bodies and a bunch of lenses and accessories and
have no money in them, as I have been buying and
selling for decades, and these are the "profit"
from such sales.  I also have six Contax RF
bodies and a slew of lenses for them and,
similarly, I have no money in them, either.  But,
then, I swapped a Leica M4 body for my 2.8GX.
The metering on an M6 is pretty simple and is deadly accurate.

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