[rollei_list] Re: OT Kodak out of Digital?

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According to what I have read, the best performing stock over the last 25
years includes Eaton Vance, Kansas City Southern, Wal-Mart, Stryker, and
several others all of which have have gained more than 25% per year on
average. The top 10 does not include GE.

Peter K

On 8/2/06, Eric Goldstein <egoldste@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I know your response is meant to be ironic but you've basically encapsuled the difference between running a Fortune 100 company 50 years ago and running one today. The concept of a core business is more important today than is was then. The world has turned much flatter, markets are much broader, and the internal and external customer's requirements have changed substantially. So viable business tactics and production/distribution/marketing strategies must substantially shange as well...

BTW GE is a well-diversified company with several discrete core
businesses that include internal manufacturing. By most traditional
measures it is the most successful stock in the history of the S&P

Eric Goldstein


On 8/2/06, Richard Knoppow <dickburk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
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> > Not out of digital at all... just outsourcing. This could
> > be a really
> > good move IF these people understand product development
> > and life
> > cycle. Kodak has the brand and the distribution.
> >
> > It does beg the question of just what Kodak's core
> > business will be...
> >
> >
> > Eric Goldstein
> >
>   Their core business will be outsourcing.
>     What is General Electric's core business?
>      Is the concept of a core business an outmoded idea?
> ---
> Richard Knoppow
> Los Angeles, CA, USA
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