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  • Date: Sun, 18 Jul 2010 19:29:20 -0400

At 07:13 PM 7/18/2010, David Sadowski wrote:
>In 1963, prior to the introduction of 126, 127 was the most popular
>film format, period.  But once Kodak introduced the Instamatics,
>people stopped buying 127 format cameras.
>Yes, Kodak continued making 127 film for many years after that
>(Ektachrome was discontinued around 1984) but that is only because
>there were millions of these cameras already in circulation- but very
>few were sold after 1963.
>The main difference between 126 and 127 is, of course, the film
>loading method being much easier and simplified in the newer format.
>Both were generally square format.
>35mm was not a primary amateur format in 1963.  Most people shot very
>few pictures and if you had a 36 exposure roll in the family camera,
>you were likely to see pictures for more than one Christmas when
>After the demise of 127, there were no more such traditional roll
>films aimed at amateurs.  The Instamatics killed it.

I have no clue where you got the idea that 127 was the most popular format in 1963. 120 outsold 127 by three to one at that time, and 135 outsold both many times over. 127 was a marginal player by 1963 simply because 135 owned the amateur market. Note that the major companies -- Zeiss Ikon and Leitz and Canon and Nikon, for instance, never made a 127 camera and all were 135 only after 1956 when Zeiss Ikon folded the Super Ikonta III and IV. The only amateur company which introduced a new 127 camera in the 1950's was Yashica, and that was effectively dead after they lost the lawsuit with F&H. 127's days as an amateur format were prior to and immediately after the Second War.

You are, of course, entitled to believe that 126 was aimed against 127, and that 126 killed 127. But, in the absence of any evidence to that end, I will simply not share your, eh, fanciful interpretation and will stick with the mainstream take that 126 was meant to be a replacement for 828, as all of the evidence shows.

Again, look at the Wikipedia entries. That on the 127 gives some credence, without references, to your viewpoint but that for the 126 format does not.


Cha robh bàs fir gun ghràs fir!

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