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  • Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 20:59:36 -0500

But, it's what benefit to people she has is what I question

"Content Provider" is a job. Oprah is a content provider - there are millions of people who look to her for opinions. Martha Stewart does the same thing, so does Rush Limbaugh, Howard Stern, Steven Spielberg, to name only a fraction of a few. Before TV and radio we had writers, poets and playwrights, but the job is not very different even if the skill set has changed considerably. These people work tirelessly at what they do - not one of them is a slouch, even if I think several of them are a curse - and they sway public opinion considerably. Some have influence that's restricted to style, decoration or fitness, others hold sway on matters of health or wealth, others can move voters en-masse in one direction or another. Like them or not, have the capacity to understand or appreciate what they do or not, they are a force to reckon with. Like anyone else these people have opinions, but because their opinions are their product, you can rest assured that they spend a lot time considering and developing those opinions - as writers do - even if at the end of the effort it only means more silk pillows (or books) being sold. But don't get too cynical, many leading entertainers are well read, well educated, well spoken, and very well connected, and they have reasons for what they do and say. It's ok to make fun them, disagree with their view points, but to dismiss them out of hand is denial of reality. If we had a reading public and these were side show personalities who were able to manipulate public opinion so, then I'd be surprised (to say the least). So unless we can somehow sway all of our children to read the classics, contemplate the good life, and not watch television or go to the movies...

Perhaps if we persuaded all our children to shoot film in Rolleiflex cameras none of this would ever have to be discussed.

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