[rollei_list] Re: Not My Definition of a Thoroughbred (Re: Nikon vs. Leica)

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  • Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2005 20:58:07 +0200

I know the FM2 and FM2n have been good enough to be used in places 
where battery driven electronic cameras broke down or couldn't be 
risked. As I recall the FM2 was a bit of a standard for several 
National Geographic photogs on assignment in particularly nasty areas 
(desert, swamps, rainforest, etc) because they always worked.

Working for a newspaper I never bothered getting any good glass for it, 
I saved that expence for the MF setup. My FM2 still looks like new and 
works perfectly, but I've only had it for about 10 years. I suppose if 
I looked it wouldn't be too hard to pick up a really nice Nikkor or two 
for it, second hand (manual focus. Any suggestions more than welcome 

Probably I'm a bit old fashioned (which is strange considering my age 
;-), but I prefer simplicity and ease of use over bells, whistles, 
electronic doo-dads, auto this and that. I'd much rather have a simple, 
manual camera with good glass than an electronic show of lights. Still, 
I chose the Rollei over the Hassy. On the other hand, I really 
appreciate the 6008's built in metering and Auto functions when I feel 
lazy, and the EOS 1 and 5 set new standards (for me at least) regarding 
camera ergonomics, including all the extra stuff yet making it easily 
controllable without taking the eye off the finder.


On 12. apr. 2005, at 18.13, Douglas Shea wrote:

> Which Leica are we discussing here, the "R" or the "M?" With all due
> respect, having used a vast array of Nikon and various Leica "R" 
> cameras I'd
> stop way short of calling the "R" a thoroughbred. I would also not 
> refer to
> any of the Nikon FM/FE series cameras as "workhorses" either. As for 
> build
> quality and expected durability I'd put the "R" and the FM2 in the same
> league; rather light duty cameras and a notch or two below any of the 
> Nikon
> F series, especially from the F2 onwards. I'm sure that Leica enjoys 
> seeing
> the "thoroughbred" reference -- it reinforces their belief in their own
> advertising hype. Only two SLR's come to my mind as thoroughbreds: the
> second and third generation Alpa cameras and the Contarex.
> Doug
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> Thor is absolutely right to describe the FM2 as a
> workhorse. It's precisely that, not a thoroughbred
> like a Leica. Just a perfectly good tool.
> Nick

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