[rollei_list] Re: MwSt., looks OT but it is not, someway

  • From: Ferdi Stutterheim <F.W.Stutterheim-77@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 23 Feb 2012 01:09:51 +0100


Op 23 feb 2012, om 00:26 heeft CarlosMFreaza het volgende geschreven:

> Ferdi:
>             I know VAT is European law, each country could have
> slight variants on the implementation


> but the main points are the
> same. I'm not a businessman and I'm not registered with a number for
> the VAT (IVA) in my country, I'm registered for other taxes,

That's a pity. You have my sympathy.  :-)

> I must
> pay the VAT (IVA) as final consumer here and then I can't give a
> number to ask a VAT exemption for a service rendered in Germany, I
> learnt it during these days thanks to the list members answers to my
> question and to the cameras repair shop reply too.
> Regarding the parts for my camera (new shutter, new focusing screen,
> new parts for the electronics), they are secondaries regarding the
> main service about to repair and to restore my camera and I doubt they
> could be separated from this service to apply 0%VAT on them even if
> the shop wanted to do it, perhaps I'm wrong on this point BTW.

No, this is uncertain. I could not find a definitive answer on the parts. 

> Talking about Rollei and Voigtländer/Rollei camera parts, I knew the
> camera repair shop where I sent my camera in Braunschweig bought a
> huge amount of parts for them during the RW-F&H bankruptcy process in
> 1981 according some serious comments, this would be the main reason
> they can fix almost every problem for these cameras using original
> parts.
> Thank you very much Ferdi for your answer.

You are most welcome Carlos. The tax website offers a tool to determine in 
which country sales tax has to paid on lots of different services. I had to 
answer about 20 questions to get an answer and still have no certainty on the 

I have a VAT number but cannot reclaim paid inland VAT because I have no sales. 
By a strange glitch in the law I still have a VAT exemption on goods purchased 
outside Holland but inside EC.    


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