[rollei_list] Re: MwSt., looks OT but it is not, someway

  • From: CarlosMFreaza <cmfreaza@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 20:26:36 -0300

 Ferdi Stutterheim <F.W.Stutterheim-77@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:
> Carlos,
> It is rather complicated. VAT is European law so I have checked the tax 
> website in my country. Stefan is right, the service is taxable in Germany 
> assuming you are obtaining the service as a private person. If you would 
> obtain the service as a busyness it would not be taxable in Germany but in 
> Argentina. A further complication is the sale of parts! The parts are goods 
> sold and exported outside E.C. and have to be taxed at 0% VAT.  The parts 
> have to specified on the bill and the shop should be able to prove that the 
> parts have left E.C. That means keeping all shipping papers for many years.
> You can imagine that many small shops cannot be bothered with all this and 
> add VAT on the whole bill. Things will be different when buying expensive 
> goods.

             I know VAT is European law, each country could have
slight variants on the implementation but the main points are the
same. I'm not a businessman and I'm not registered with a number for
the VAT (IVA) in my country, I'm registered for other taxes, I must
pay the VAT (IVA) as final consumer here and then I can't give a
number to ask a VAT exemption for a service rendered in Germany, I
learnt it during these days thanks to the list members answers to my
question and to the cameras repair shop reply too.
Regarding the parts for my camera (new shutter, new focusing screen,
new parts for the electronics), they are secondaries regarding the
main service about to repair and to restore my camera and I doubt they
could be separated from this service to apply 0%VAT on them even if
the shop wanted to do it, perhaps I'm wrong on this point BTW.

Talking about Rollei and Voigtländer/Rollei camera parts, I knew the
camera repair shop where I sent my camera in Braunschweig bought a
huge amount of parts for them during the RW-F&H bankruptcy process in
1981 according some serious comments, this would be the main reason
they can fix almost every problem for these cameras using original
Thank you very much Ferdi for your answer.


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