[rollei_list] Marginal Rollie Magic eBay win?

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  • Date: Thu, 01 Dec 2005 20:45:59 -0800

Fellow Rollei users/owners...

Sorry to interfere here, but...I have a comment or two and a question, if you don't mind.

I've always wanted a good Rollei, and now I have one!

I saw this Rollei Magic on eBay, and bought it!

Now that I've got it in my hands, I need to pass on my observations, and solicit your comments in response...

 * * * *

I'm NOT all that happy with my "new" Rollei!

The item's title (on eBay) read "Rollei Magic - Beautiful Rolleiflex TLR camera - Mint n'Box."

The ad's Subject line said "Absolutely gorgeuos [sic] Rollei Magic with original case, instruction manual. Everything is functioning and in good working order."
Also, he said, "I would rate it as a 9 1/2 to near 10."
(Except for the hood and the manual, I would tend to agree...however, please read the following!)

He also said, "Within 10 working business days of receiving your order, money back if not as described."
With that time constraint in mind, I submit the following:

To begin with, all of the hood has, at some time, experienced corrosion of some kind, because the outer "band" or periphery has been amateurishly repainted with black enamel, covering but not obscuring all the little corrosion nubs. Most obvious coverup.

On examination of the leather(ette?) on the top face of the hood, it's coming loose in several areas. It has lifted up, corners curling.
To be frank, I _did_ see that on the images on the auction photos, but wasn't sure what it was... Now I know.

Another observation, on merely turning the camera body upside down, the hood falls totally open! That should not be, it seems to me...
It could be the camera was dropped on the hood at one time, and it was never fixed properly ~ or never replaced - I really don't know.

The "instruction manual" advertised as accompanying the camera is merely a xeroxed copy of the original manual's pages, hurriedly stapled together ~ not, as one might infer, a "real" manual at all.

On the plus side, the inside is indeed 100% new! Clean and perfect.

The lenses are without any discernible blemish, inside or out.
Without having taken photographs yet, it seems to function mechanically, and very well...
Speeds "feel" okay...

I'd almost be happy with it, were it not for the high cost I paid for a camera which was more or less "promised" to be in better shape!

I think this camera is perhaps worth some $400 or $450, but certainly not $590!

I don't know where to pick up on past sale prices of them, so don't know if I was taken for a walk or not... sighhh.

Should I ask for a bit of money back, since it's a bit "troubled?"
I don't really think it is worth anywhere near $590, but that's just me. I have nothing to stand on...

Comments please!

Keith Whaley
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