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  • Date: Tue, 14 Jul 2009 18:51:50 -0400

The  'filing' these images takes place not in the printing but in the
putting them in hard drives after scanning. And glossy paper is not archival
I'd use rag paper if any kind of permanence issues are in mind.
Those pages are for the birds.
They are aesthetically really awful and don't add to archival aspects but
make them questionable. They trap gasses.. People don't use them.
Its hard working out of a vacuum with no one to ask.
It helps to take classes and know other photographers face to face.

Mark William Rabiner

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> Subject: [rollei_list] Re: Making Prints
> I print about 300-400  8"x10" per year on an Epson R2400  pigment inkjet
> printer.  I file the prints in acid free sleeve  protectors in very large 3
> ring binders.   Everything gets printed on  Epson Ultra Premium Glossy for
> purposes of 'filing' these  images.  All my digital files are backed up on two
> additional hard  drives plus DVD. (that's how much I trust those media)
>    A lot of the recent work, unfortunately is not  Rollei- captured,  I
> expect to start scanning a large number of my Rollei  negatives next year.
>    I printed with wet chemistry off and  on for 40 years. After a back
> injury made it impossible for me to be  bending over trays I was fortunate
> enough find digital printing. As much as I  loved  results of 'wet' work, it's
> nice that I will be able to continue  printing no matter what limitations age
> brings.
> I've gotten somewhat skilled in Photoshop and find that I use  the same
> mentality as I used in the darkroom. If you know what  good  print should look
> like in wet work,. you will no doubt be able to  create them in digital
> printing as well.
> It's not rocket science.
> Charlie Silverman

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