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  • Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 07:36:40 +0200

Funny thing is that we have so much growth in the economics because of an 
enormous private consumption bacause of higher houseprices and low interest 
that no one cares about the taxes - I would need to say that an only mother 
working at a cash register does not pay 62 % but as soon as you belong to 
the partof the population that in general terms are regardes as though who 
should take initiative the tax circus starts.  Any income over 60.000 a 
year - wich is about what a construction worker or a renovation working 
If you go to a seven eleven a ½ litre of bottled water is 3 USD - and I am 
not talking Evian or anything fancy - a pack of 20 cigarettes is 6 USD and a 
big mac meal is 10 USD

The government we have now say that the would like to bring back the 
initiative to the people but I guess there is a long way to go

On the positive side schools, high schools, college and university are all 

Doctors and hospitals are free - does not matter if you are hospitalized for 
10 years - no one is going to tell you that your insurance does not cover 
any more.

If you loose your job and can not get a job within the minimum two years 
your union-unimployment covers the state takes over and pays welfare + house 
support + heating support + etc.

Only problem is that a large scientificly conducted research revieled that 
unless you had a well paid job you would be better of  being on welfare - 
this no thanks good is being changed - It is not good for anyones 
selfrespect to be on welfare for long if you can work!

So there are a lot of differencies between our two countries and yet we 
often feel closer to US than to France and Germany



> Again, I suspect that you folks need a new government.  Or an electorate
> which could tell the government, "PLEASE!  I'd rather do it myself!"
> Marc
> msmall@xxxxxxxxxxxx=20
> Cha robh b=E0s fir gun ghr=E0s fir!

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