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> 1) The Rollei TLR cameras bodies don't use simple aluminum, they use
> die cast aluminum. Aluminum is cast at a temperature of 650 ºC (1200
> ºF). It is alloyed with Silicon and Copper,  Silicon increases the
> melt fluidity, reduces machinability, Copper increases hardness and
> reduces the ductility, these materials proportions can vary according
> the aluminum use.
> Rollei TLR bodies are very resistant from any point of view, I have
> verified it along decades. Alumetall from Nürnberg was the F&H
> aluminum provider
> 2) The Nikon FM2/n has a long-standing reputation for reliability and
> durability and  it was a photojournalists favorite for this reason. It
> has an extremely strong body of copper silumin alloy. The FM2's film
> transport consists of high-strength hardened metal gears and moving
> parts, mounted on clusters of ball bearings. The vertical metal
> shutter, originally titanium and switching to aluminum during the FM2n
> life cycle, utilizes precision tapered high-strength blades and
> oil-less self-lubricating bearings. The mirror linkage uses the same
> mechanism found on Nikon's professional F2, with some modern
> improvements designed to further reduce effects of vibration and
> mirror bounce. The camera features Nikon's famous close tolerance
> assembly and minimal space lubrication, meaning that it will reliably
> operate in temperature extremes of -40 °C to +50 °C.
> Carlos
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The F2 achieved "hockey puck" status from Marty Forster the guy who coined
the term the FM's and FE's were work horses used by everybody just before
Canon Kicked in and visibly took over. I've shot more pictures with a Nikon
FM2 then by far any other camera. Part of the reason was the compact not
expensive MD11's and Md12 motor drives.

Mark William Rabiner

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