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I smiled when I read about your hearing. At least for the camera, the hearing's
not so important!


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Progressive lenses are sort of wedge shaped. I think most are arranged so that
they focus for distance through the top and focus closer toward the bottom but
they could as well be ground in the opposite direction for people who want them
that way. I have never had progressives, however, I had tri-focals for a while
and found them very annoying so never did that again. I also never tried
bi-focals. I would rather have different glasses for different distances. I
find the loss of accomodation more annoying and inconvenient than just the
nearsightedness alone. Loss of accomodation comes with age. It varies among
people but is inescapable. When I began to use a Rollei (Rolleicord) in
highschool I could focus pretty sharply at moderate distances and could also
focus on the finder screen and the setting windows. That began to get tough in
my late twenties when I discovered I needed glasses to drive especially at
night. Fortunately, I still have pretty good vision despite nearly
three-quarters of a century at the same old stand. Now my hearing is a
different story: not happy for someone who used to be a hi-fi expert.

On 7/26/2015 6:23 PM, Nancy Kennedy wrote:

Hello Ferdi, as well as everyone else who replied to my inquiry.

Thanks to all of you for your helpful comments. I feel encouraged.

Ferdi, my understanding of progressives is that they don't have a definite
transition between the three areas, and that helps because the transition line
can obscure the vision.


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Hello Nancy,

You are not alone. We have discussed glasses and focusing screens before. I
have what you call progressives. They also have cilinders to correct
astigmatism. The astigmatism is the main reason for me waring glasses.

In my country progressives are called varifocals. I use French Varilux glasses.
They are quite expensive because the areas of good focus are relatively large.
When focusing the TLR I use the magnifier for critical focus. I have to "hunt"
a bit with my head to find the right spot in my glasses.

Using the magnifier I could do without glasses but then I cannot read the dials
on the camera so that is not very practical.

I am confused by your progressive trifocals. Confused just by the name.
Trifocal suggests three separate areas with noticeable boundaries between them,
on the other hand I remember from earlier discussions that progressives are
like our varifocals, a gradual change without boundaries.

For focusing screens I use the brighter varieties. Two TLRs have Beattie
Intenscreens and the GX has the latest Rolleiflex High-D screen. High-D is not
available for the classics like your F. Another camera has a Maxwell Hi-Lux
screen. Sometimes focusing with a bright screen is difficult but at the end of
the day I prefer the bright screens over dimmer ones.

It may take some time to get used to new glasses.

Best regards,
From my MacBook Pro.
Ferdi Stutterheim,
Drachten, Netherlands.

Op 25 jul. 2015, om 23:09 heeft Nancy Kennedy <njkennedy@xxxxxxxxxxx> het
volgende geschreven:

For the group: I have an issue with my newly purchased Rolleiflex Xenotar
3.5F - my eyes. I'm 60 and use eyeglasses. It's been years since I used any
camera due to my eyesight. No matter what I'm doing, time of day or lighting,
I have trouble manually focusing and reading the small letters on the dials.
I just bought new glasses (progressive trifocals with adjustments for
astigmatism), but they did not help much. Does anyone else have this problem?
Should I give up hopes of ever being successful with a TLR?


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