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Carlos, I just wanted to acknowledge how much I enjoy your posts, which are
consistently informative. I just read your latest missive out loud to my
husband (he owns a Lumix so he doesn't subscribe) and showed him your latest
posts. I feel as if I have a friend in Argentina! Thank you again.

For the group: I have an issue with my newly purchased Rolleiflex Xenotar 3.5F
- my eyes. I'm 60 and use eyeglasses. It's been years since I used any camera
due to my eyesight. No matter what I'm doing, time of day or lighting, I have
trouble manually focusing and reading the small letters on the dials. I just
bought new glasses (progressive trifocals with adjustments for astigmatism),
but they did not help much. Does anyone else have this problem? Should I give
up hopes of ever being successful with a TLR?

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Two days ago I crossed the international bridge and visited the city across the
river, Encarnación, Republic of Paraguay. It was a long time since I visited
the city, at least 15 years, despite the proximity; you can see it through a
tele lens or binoculars anyway. Photography was a very secondary item to go
there this time, but I had my Rolleiflex 3,5F Planar with a Kodak Portra 400
and I took some photographs, these are two of them:


I sent my Pentax P30t for its first CLA two years ago and I had not tried it
yet. I bought the Pentax brand new 20 years ago and the last time I used it
before the CLA, you needed to advance two or three frames to cock the shutter
sometimes. Last Sunday, a sunny day among a bad climate along three weeks, we
went to an amusement park according my youngest daughter wishes and I took
images with the camera and Kodak Pro Image ISO 100 film. They were taken using
the automatic mode for the exposure (focusing is manual); I wanted to try the
automatic mode to check its working; this mode looks almost prehistorical in
comparison with modern digital cameras like my Lumix LX7 with HDR and the like,
but it works fine:




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