[rollei_list] Re: Great movie based on WEEGEE...

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  • Date: Sat, 17 Dec 2005 00:11:58 EST

Yes, The Public Eye is a GREAT movie based on Weegee.  My favorite  scenes 
are when Weegee dons a priests garb from the well-outfitted trunk of his  car 
gain access to photograph a murder, sneaking into an ambulance with the  body 
and police.  He moves his light meter in the sign of the cross over  the 
body, then pulls his Graflex out from under his robes, gets his shot and  
Another great shot is one he sets up, putting a rangefinder camera  on a 
roller skate with string tied to it and a spring wound self timer to safely  
the camera through a hail of machine gun-fire in an italian restaurant  
execution.  Anything to get the shot!  Great movie.
Bob Laubach
Manassas, VA

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