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At 02:49 AM 12/16/2005 -0800, michael Sta. Maria wrote:

Hello all,
I couldn't help but notice all of the interesting facts posted about WEEGEE. I have vaguely knew about him just about the same time I started to get into photography. Now I am really finding him and his images amazing... I have just found out about a movie that is obviously based on his career and it is called:

                The Public Eye
starring Joe Pesci and Barbara Hershey.

I think those who are interested should definitely check the movie out. Some of his most famous images are featured in the movie. Joe Pesci plays the main character and he is armed with a Speed Graphic and it takes place in the 1940's in NYC.

The movie is now in the mail to John Jensen. Anyone who wants to have it forwarded should contact him directly if you want it sent to you.

John Jensen <jwjensen356@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

He came up with the following review:

I went to Ebert and found his four star review.


FYI: No Rollei's, just a lot of press cameras with big flash bulbs. There are some Exaktas which were used for "spy" shots, however. I think several other folks in this group indicated that they met him or knew him.

Anyhow, the film is available for the postage, to send to anyone else with an interest in it. I don't plan on keeping it in my collection.

It's interesting that the film is in Ebert but I don't think it's in INMDB and it's clearly not in Netflix since it didn't make it to DVD.


Don Williams La Jolla, CA

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