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2010/6/6 Jeff Kelley <jlkphoto@xxxxxxxxx>:
> What metering technology is used in the current generation of
> Rolleiflex TLRs ,the FX, FW, FT?  How accurate is it?

        FX, FW and FT use the same electronic metering system used for
the GX. It is made on the basis of the metering system developed for
the SLX/6000 cameras from 1973 and applied for the SL66 E from 1982,
the GX lightmeter is linked to the SL66 E metering system directly and
the flash TTL metering for the GX-SL66E-SLX/6000 cameras is linked to
the SL 2000F flash metering developed previously.

These GX, FX, FW and FT Rolleiflex TLR cameras have two Silicium cells
behind the mirror within an area with a special treatment to allow
light readings, this way the cells are pretty protected from the light
coming through the viewfinder focusing screen; although Rollei
considers the meter "center-weighted average"  it could be considered
"semi-spot" or "large-spot" because the measuring area is pretty
small. According most pro and semi-pro users comments, the metering
system is very accurate and it is one of the most appreciated features
for the new TLR cameras. The light readings are shown via five LED
beside the viewinder focusing screen:
 A (red) = at least 1 exposure value under-exposed, B (yellow) = about
1/2 exposure value under-exposed, C (green) = Correct exposure, D
(yellow) = about 1/2 exposure value over-exposed, E (red) = at least 1
exposure value over-exposed.

The cameras have a third Silicium cell for TTL flash metering placed
in the taking lens chamber, close to the film plane to read the light
on the film plane, this flash metering system is linked to the Metz
flash SCA300 system and Rollei SCA356 adapter.
The cameras use a PX28 battery for the lightmeter only.

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