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Here's the latest FS. Please contact me offlist for asking prices, offers, questions:

Leica Items:

Leicameter MR-4, silver. I have 2, both working, one with a good battery.(Wein air cell) Both in very good to excellent condition. .

Summarit-M 50/1.5, bought from one of our more reputable dealers as mint minus. It is an excellent lens, one I've used for many of my Congregation series photos. Comes with original Leica metal front cap, and original back cap. Now that I have my new Summicron-M 50, I don't use this anymore.

Elmar-M 135/4, also in mint minus condition, with both original caps. Another excellent lens. Looks almost new.

SALE PENDING!!! IIIf, Serial # 592xxx. I had planned on keeping this one, but have a later model red dial that I will keep. This one is my other favorite shooter, even though its not as pretty as my other one. It has 2 marks engraved on the top plate, under the diopter lever, apparently put there by an earlier owner for settings. However, it is functionally excellent, and cosmetically very good, with typical use bright marks on top and bottom plates, and body covering intact and clean. I do not have a body cap for this, since I kept a lens on it all the time.

Leitz Imarect viewfinder, in original case. In very good to excellent condition. Mechanically perfect, cosmetically very good.

Nikon Items:

Nikon FM2n body, chrome, minty. Serial #N 782xxxx. Pictures and price available on request.

Nikkor 28/2.8, non-AI, with HN-2 hood and caps. Excellent +, except for rub marks on edge of hood.

Nikkor-Q 135/2.8, non-AI, with Tiffen skylight filter, both caps, built-in hood. Excellent+.


Rollei items:

Rolleiflex 3.5E, serial #177xxxx, in excellent+ condition, with original case and strap, mirrored caps.



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Connecticut Conference, United Church of Christ
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