[rollei_list] FM2 meets my needs was Not My Definition of a Thoroughbred (Re: Nikon vs. Leica)

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I have perhaps 8-10 of the FM FM2 FM2n FM2T breed and a couple F and F2 bodies 
as well. For a number of years in the mid 1990's I shot with Leica R cameras 
(which I relaced with my Nikon FMs)...I also own M gear. 

The M is silky smooth, truly a jewel to use.

The FM FM2 et al is not quite as silky smooth but for the price of a $1200 or 
so used M6 I can pick up a HALF DOZEN FMs or 2-3 FM2s and some awesome glass...

Probably opening a whole new discussion here but from REAL WORLD EXPERIENCE I 
have found my Nikon FM/FM2/FM2T/F/F2 gear as reliable in the field as my M gear 
and more reliable than my R gear AND in my experience in real world shooting 
the Nikon glass is as god as the Leica glass and there is a heck of a lot more 
of it and it is a fraction of the cost...

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Which Leica are we discussing here, the "R" or the "M?" With all due
respect, having used a vast array of Nikon and various Leica "R" cameras I'd
stop way short of calling the "R" a thoroughbred. I would also not refer to
any of the Nikon FM/FE series cameras as "workhorses" either. As for build
quality and expected durability I'd put the "R" and the FM2 in the same
league; rather light duty cameras and a notch or two below any of the Nikon
F series, especially from the F2 onwards. I'm sure that Leica enjoys seeing
the "thoroughbred" reference -- it reinforces their belief in their own
advertising hype. Only two SLR's come to my mind as thoroughbreds: the
second and third generation Alpa cameras and the Contarex.


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Thor is absolutely right to describe the FM2 as a
workhorse. It's precisely that, not a thoroughbred
like a Leica. Just a perfectly good tool.


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