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I'm doing now what I really don't like tripping over when I go through the
many rollei_lists posts - "email clapping".  Normally I send my comments
directly to a photographer and don't post them to the list.  But in this
case, with what has been going on, I thought I would send this out publicly
so to speak.  Carlos is one of those "naturals".  Some of us have to work
very hard to achieve what Carlos sees in the blink of an eye.  His photos
are always worth spending time over.    


I also have to apologize, I was confusing Carlos with someone else on "the
other Rollei group" - it wasn't Carlos posting all those pictures; in fact
the subjects are completely different from Carlos's.  What was I thinking!  





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         I have received a lot of messages from list members and a message
from our list owner to rejoin the list, thank you very much everybody.

I'll limit the mention about photographs taken with Rollei equipment to once
a week or once every two weeks or less, I also like to comment about
equipment and those comments are my main contribution to the list in
general.  It happened that I was rebuilding my gallery in Flickr and then I
often quoted my photographs there thinking they could cause some discussion
about Rollei equipment, in fact I finished the gallery rebuilding. 


When you mention a site to see your photographs you are exposed to receive
all kind of opinions and I accept it, however I don't like when the truth is
distorted and then I'd like to say to Mr Marvin Wallace that I have 74
photographs in Flickr and only 12 are about my family, I don't think it
could be called a family album, some of those photographs were tourism and
architecture magazines covers selected by professional editors despite I'm
an amateur; landscapes and cityscapes and portraits at times are my
photographic target. Sometimes I upload photographs about my family if I
consider they have general interest, in fact some of them received excellent
comments from professional photographers. 


Thank you everybody again.-


All the best



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