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> I can't comment on the M series Leicas but the long base >on the Contax rangefinder is somewhat misleading, the Leica
>screw mount camera has a small telescope (I think 1.5X)
>built into its rangefinder which, in effect, duplicates the
>wide base Contax.

Not quite true, Richard.  The effective focal
base for the rangefinder on the Contax II and III
was 69.75mm, that on the Leica III to IIIg
57mm.  The real winner is the Kodak Ektra, with
an EBL of 231mm. The M3 did surpass the Contax IIa and IIIa in its base line.


   See my reply to Carlos about the RF.
The Kodak Ektra was an _almost_ excellent design. The rangefinder/viewfinder is excellent but the camera has other problems. It was also introduced at a bad time. Its too bad Kodak didn't pursue the Ektra with an improved version after WW-2. I suspect this was a marketing decision since they were making other 35mm cameras including the Retina. I think the Medalist camera used a similiar arrangement for its rangefinder and viewfinder. Both the Medalist and Ektra had outstanding lenses on bodies with rather mediocre mechanical design. Also, Kodak seems to have had poor ergonomics on many of its cameras. For instance, the thin focus disc on the Kodak 35 which looks like it would slide the tip of your finger off and is definitely uncomfortable to use. Otherwise the 35 is a neat little camera with good performance which sold for an affordable price. My suspicion is that Kodak just didn't want to compete in the high-end camera market with the exception of large format sheet film cameras.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA
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