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If you like Rolleis you'll like a Leica. The optics are
wonderful, the feel is great, and the results even better.

Perhaps that is true for most cases, however it is not my case. I'm a Rolleiflex fan and prefer other 35mm cameras, in fact I prefer the Rolleikin except when I really need wide angle or tele lenses, I have excellent Pentax SMC lenses and Carl Zeiss/Rollei/Mamiya T* HFT MC lenses for the Rolleiflex SL35 M.Some Leica lenses could be better slightly, but the difference, if it exists, does not justify the enormous prices difference. I'm not writing Leicas are not great cameras, they are great cameras, but I'm not interested about Leicas. I'm impressed for the Contax II range finder, it is clean and adjusted now, the precision you obtain for focusing is excellent even under low light; focusing a face, you can focus on the nose or on the eyes (I only started to try the range fincer).The wide glass block range finder base and the two mirrors and two wedges seem to work very fine. I heard most Leicas range finders are not so good in comparison with the Contax range finder.


I can't comment on the M series Leicas but the long base on the Contax rangefinder is somewhat misleading, the Leica screw mount camera has a small telescope (I think 1.5X) built into its rangefinder which, in effect, duplicates the wide base Contax. The reason the Contax does not use a telescope is that the RF and viewfinder images are combined. This is not to say the Contax RF is inferior, it isn't, its just that the longer base does not really result in greater focusing accuracy. The Contax is certainly a more elaborate camera. In many ways the Leica screw mount cameras are quite simple in comparison, to both the Contax and the M series. I consider the Leica screw mount to be a very elegant design. Partly due to its simplicity. It is a rugged camera despite its reputation as a delicate hot-house flower. It is also a relatively easy camera to work on. It certainly has some faults, for one thing the off-center accessory shoe can cause problems with accessory view finders for short focal length lenses. The lack of automatic parallax correction and partially blocked view is another problem. But, all in all, I think it is in the same class as the Rolleiflex in terms of engineering design and certainly in quality of manufacture.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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