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If you like Rolleis you'll like a Leica. The optics are wonderful, the feel is 
great, and the results even better.
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I've been watching the press coverage in Washington this week and most all of 
the photographers use what looks like a 35mm SLR on Steroids.  
Any idea what those camera are?
On another subject I have been following the Leica repair discussions.  I never 
had a longing for a Leica, but in looking at the discussions I can see the 
attraction for them.  Maybe I can join the club- My wife's Panasonic Digital 
has a Leica lens.  No red dot but the script L is there.  My Contax RTS is 
beautiful and well designed- they just didn't make enough of them to create the 
same following as Leica.  As a result getting good repairs is a problem.
Finally, I just broke out my Olympus E-Volt 500 and started using it.  
Excellent camera and excellent lens designs.  The four-thirds system is a very 
solid concept, and with the lenses which provide normal incidence rays all over 
the sensor, (Kodak).  Look up Telecrntric.

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