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I think the word "telescope" was confusing Richard, however later Leica SM 
models have viewfinders with 1.5x magnification, being the baseline physical 
length about 38mm x 1.5= 57mm for the effective baseline, shorter than the 
Contax II effective baseline clearly, anyway a good effective baseline for 
I have the book "35 MM Photo Technique" by H.S. Newcombe, it shows the Contax 
and Leica SM and Ektra rangefinder designs, they are pretty different (the 
Ektra has a "split field" RF type).The author writes the cameras physical 
baseline length only, not the effective baseline. The two wedges in the Contax 
RF are significant to keep the RF calibration even for worst situations.

An interesting comparison about the new Zeiss Ikon RF and Leica M7:

Zeis Ikon RF
75mm x 0.74 magnification with an effective length of 55.5mm

69.25mm x 0.72 magnification, with an effective length of 49.9mm.

"...prewar Contax of Zeiss Ikon AG were always superior to Leica. Indeed, the 
Contax was known, thanks to its long rangefinder baseline, for the highest 
accuracy in measurement of object to camera distance for precise focusing." 
(Shutterbug, S.Takeda, April 2005)


--- El jue 8-ene-09, Richard Knoppow <dickburk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> escribió:

>     Well, you are right, I just looked again. The range
> finder image is larger because it is life-size while the
> viewfinder has some reduction in size.
>     While the Contax has metal slats in the shutter I am
> not sure it is safe to point it at the sun due to the cloth
> ribbons that hold the slats together. Even an all-metal
> shutter curtain such as the one used in Nikon F cameras is
> probably not immune to sun damage. Of course, in an SLR with
> an automatic mirror return the shutter is exposed to the
> outside world only briefly so it isn't really
> comparable.
>     As far as noise, I don't know of any focal plane
> shutter which is as quiet as a Compur shutter.
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> Richard Knoppow
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