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  • Date: Wed, 28 May 2008 10:04:20 -0400

Marvin -

Peter's two posts on this subject are accurate and to the point...
some very good guidance here...

Eric Goldstein


On 5/28/08, Peter K. <peterk727@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Marvin,
> A very subjective question. If you own old Nikon lenses then a Nikon DSLR
> will allow you to use them. Canon changed the mount. The quality of the two
> are very similar. The major difference is the price. Canon has a edge in
> price with a 12MP Canon Rebel runs about $570 while a 10MP Nikon D80 runs
> $750. Lenses are comparable. Both make mediocre consumer grade lenses and
> very good higher end lenses.
>  Stay away from the Nikon D40, it is old generation electronics which is why
> it sells for much less. If I could suggest Buy the Canon Digital Rebel and
> the Tamron 17-50mm F2.8 lens. The lens is absolutely superb. Equal to or
> better than the Canon 17-55 at half the price.
>  I have used both Nikon and Canon. Had the Nikon D300 for a while but I do
> not care for the Nikon interface, although with this new D300 they improved
> it a great deal but at a price ($1800). The Canon interface for me is much
> simpler to use and lighter. Yes, it is plastic but so is every other camera.
> I do not hammer nails in the wall with my cameras anymore, gave it up a few
> years ago when I sold my Rapid Omega. But to each his own.
> Peter K

The D200 or D300 is larger, heavy, and costly. A Canon Digital Rebel
has 12MP (just like the $1800 D300) and all the features he will use
including exposure and flash compensation at $570. No Nikon comes
close to it in price/performance. THe best they can do is the D40 with
old technology and 6MP or the slightly newer D60 with a 10MP sensor
but a $730 price tag. Either way they are both good cameras but Canon
has the edge in price/performance. Image Quality is close but at the
low end, the Rebel out does the D60 easily. You need the D300 to do
better but pay 3x the price to do so.

Peter K
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