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Hi Listers
Wonder would you have any forensic thoughts on a rather perplexing image I
recently made with my rollei? I've attached the scan here
http://www.rollei-gallery.net/chatanooga/image-95531.html - .
Okay, I got dust problems and you can also see some strange white trace
marks. This was my first time using photoflo and I attribute these marks to
be drying stains from an overzealous application of it. However my main
concern is the general 'muddiness/darkness/crappiness' of the pic. The image
is supposed to be a seascape on a bright sunny day.....but ended up looking
like a monsoon.
Whats intriguing is that only this frame (#12) and its predecessor were like
this; all the others were absolutely fine. The 2 shots were taken together
after an interval of no more than a few days from the first 10 pics. Film
was panF 50 + rodinal developed in a patterson plastic tank. This is a
combination I've stuck to since starting my own development and up to now it
has been fine.

I have a couple of questions
Do you know where the two frames were on the developing reel, that is, were they near the core of the real or the outside?
What kind of agitation does this tank require, that is, inversion or twirling the reel?
The symptoms look like uneven development.

Instead of straight Photo-Flo use the following mixture. If your water is not clean use distilled water. I use local tap water without problems but its pretty clean.

Final Rinse Water 1.0 liter Isopropyl Alcohol, 70% 35.0 ml Photo-Flo 2.5 ml

70% Isopropyl is the usual drugstore rubbing alcohol, you can use stronger Alcohol by adjusting the amount, its not critical. Just be sure to get rubbing alcohol that has no flavorings, like Oil of Wintergreen, added.

Rinse film in this mixture for about 1 to 2 minutes after washing with some agitation. Then hang up to dry without squeegeeing. A good way of getting a dust free space to dry in is to use a stall shower. Run the shower for a few seconds then hang the film.

I've used Rodinal 1:25 and 1:50 for a number of kinds of film in the past using Nikor type stainless steel tanks and never had any special problems with it. I mostly use Rodinal for LF sheet film because of the grain. I don't think your problem is due to the developer.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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