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> The digicam  
> wedding is déclassé.

Digital weddings (ha!) are popular, though having strange effects on  the 
wedding photo biz.  An unfortunate case is the 
you-too-can-be-a-professional-photographer-or-just-look-like-one where the 
digital photog simply covers the 
wedding and reception and burns a cd to give to the lucky couple and splits.  I 
know this happened in film also, but not to the extent it's happening in 
digital.  Our lab sees this all the time -- the unhappy bride brings in 
images on a cd with no post processing cropping, sharpening, etc.  Some 
things are done in digiweddings like having a big flatscreen monitor at the 
reception showing images of the ceremony, and onsite printing - most of these 
are sales-driven, more than a benefit to the customer.  The 10x10 composite 
digital layout album is popular.  But the high end is indeed the archival/lasts 
forever (like marriage?) black and white shot wedding.  
Bob Laubach
Manassas VA

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