[rollei_list] Re: DHW-Rollei-Insolvency Auction

  • From: Brett Rogers <rogersbretta@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 16:40:55 +0930

I understand in order to purchase you actually have to be there. I'd love an
auto collimator myself for the princley sum of 50 EU. If the collection and
transportation of two instead of one would not be a major inconvenience I'd be
most obliged if you could get me one, please. Can send payment via Paypal
immediately. I'd attend myself but it's a fair trip from Australia...

I'm an infrequent contributor to the list, but well known over at Rangefinder
Forum where I always do my best to help owners with Rollei queries or problems.

From: Dirk-Roger.Schmitt@xxxxxx
To: rollei_list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [rollei_list] DHW-Rollei-Insolvency Auction
Date: Mon, 20 Apr 2015 20:09:18 +0000

I have very bad news.

The Insolvency Sale starts on Tuesday.


I had a visit today at the factory. EVERYTHING is sold by Tuesday in an
auction. There were a lot of visitors from all over Europe, from Cyprus to
a lot of Rollei enthusiasts.
The auction on Tuesday will blow up the tears. But there is no alternative.
I met at the factory the former R&D Head of Rollei Fototechnic, and we had a
joint tour.
We saw the drilling and grinding workshop, the optical assembly lines and final
testing lines. All looked as they were left yesterday. A lot of partly assembled
HY6 and TLR could be seen on the assembly lines.
We went to the LARGE cellar of Rollei, like catacombs. There are plenty of
rooms which have never visited for the last 30 years! They are full of single
lense blankets, parts for TLR, test equipment and so on.
The collection of the last - at least - 30 years which nobody used anymore.
We visited the shelter, under in the cellar, which was built during WWII. It
is also full of old stuff. All is going out by tomorrow, and for a lot of
items nobody will take care about. They all will be go to trash.
Personally, I will try to bid for an autocollimator. They still have plenty of
them. They have been built in the 1960s in batches of hundreds by Rollei
They are going out for 50 Euros.


I hoped, there would be somebody found who would take all items in a batch to
continue, but this did not happen.

I take numerous of photos which I will display later on.

Best regards, and God bless some people from former DHW which still want to



Dirk-Roger Schmitt

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