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Peerless Fabrikkerne A/S of Denmark is a world-wide operating manufacturer 
of high-quality loudspeaker units. They have more than 75 years of 
experience in development and production of loudspeaker units for hi-fi 
systems meaning that they have good working knowledge of the needs and 
demands of their customers whom they place in the center of their product 
The main target of Peerless is to ensure our customers the optimum 
acoustical solution. This target can be fulfilled by means of their wide 
range of products, which is constantly enlarged and renewed. The products 
are constructed on the basis of platforms, which ensure that individual 
customer requirements can be taken into consideration. An introduction of 
new products will always represent new thinking with regards to technology 
and selection of material.

Why Choose Peerless?
Peerless produces loudspeakers for today's demands for improved dynamism and 
sturdiness, but also retains their loudspeakers' capability to generate — 
without distortion — the details as well as the large sound pressures 
throughout the entire audible area. For a customer it shall be easy to use 
danish sound technology as a supplier. The quality securing in our 
production is a focus area, which is constantly improved. This to ensure a 
high uniform quality level on our products regardless of production place.

Peerless Facts
  a.. Founded in 1926 to produce loudspeakers for the world's first radios
  b.. Peerless is based nearby Copenhagen.
  c.. All Peerless drivers are produced in one 3,500 square meter facility.
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>> Richard and Jerry
>> my spelling error - Peerless it was :-)
>> Ruben
>   Its still not familiar. What era were these made?
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