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> Peter,
> Dolby was NOT a con man.  His contributions had great 
> merit.
> Jerry
  I certainly agree. Dolby's idea of the split band 
compander was not new, Bell Labs had used such a thing in 
the past, but his method of applying it and ability to make 
a practical system were unique. The Dolby system made 
multiple track recording possible. I had a chance to talk to 
Ray Dolby on a few occasions. He was an interesting guy and 
very concerned with quality. If the company had a fault it 
was a sort of wishful thinking. They just went into denial 
about problems, especially those from the Dolby Stereo 
system for motion pictures. All old news now. Ray's wife, 
Dagmar, who used to help at conventions, was a knock out and 
no fooling.

Richard Knoppow
Los Angeles, CA, USA

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