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2015-08-14 17:35 GMT-03:00 Ferdi Stutterheim <fwstutterheim@xxxxxxxxxx>:

"......The book was published in 1993 so 1992 as year for the Helmut
Newton Edition is convincible. I would not be surprised if (some of) the
cameras were made a little earlier. Let's assume they took a number of
cameras from existing stock and just tarted them up...."


Hi Ferdi:
Yes, there is no doubt , if the book is from 1993, it could
have an ad from 1992 BTW. I also found in my old files the sources to say
the GX "Helmut Newton" was made before 1994, as the Camerapedia data also
indicates. They are photography magazines issued at the time and then a
very reliable source. We must discard 1994 as manufacture year for this GX
"Helmut Newton" edition, the info in the Report IV book and Rolleiclub web
site is not right from this point of view. The AMERICAN PHOTO-ND magazine,
May-June 1993, page 15, has two little photographs about the Rolleiflex
2,8GX "Helmut Newton" at the ending of the page and a brief commentary
about it:

*http://tinyurl.com/pusvtke <http://tinyurl.com/pusvtke>*
The GX "HN" edition had a continuous presence in "Popular photography"
magazine through little ads from Wall Street Camera and B&H along 1993, it
was also advertised in Playboy and other magazines during that year in the
United States.It also appeared in some ads during 1994, but its strongest
presence was during 1993 in the States. Some 1994 little ads say about the
"HN" edition (more or less): "...as seen in the Playboy magazine Dec
However, talking about 1992 in the United States, the ads in "Popular
Photography" are still about the "regular" 2,8/80 GX, as you can see in
this August 1992 sample:

*http://tinyurl.com/nupo5zk <http://tinyurl.com/nupo5zk>*
In other words, keeping in mind the 1992 ad you mentioned and the 1993 and
1994 ads I mentioned, including the comment in the May-June 1993 American
Photo ND magazine, it's now more plausible to say that the coded serial
numbers I mentioned for the Rolleiflex 2,8 GX "Helmut Newton" edition
starting with 6 and 7 belong to cameras made in 1991 and 1992 respectively,
they were started to be sold during 1992 in Europe and along 1993 in the
United States. This way, my "special" first digit interpretation for this
"special edition" GX Helmut Newton couldn't be necessary and the first
digit in the coded serial number could be interpreted according the usual
and natural way; the situation is different now because these new sources
seem to support that some cameras from this edition could be made in 1991.
I think we are in peace with the Rollei coded SN system.


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