[rollei_list] Re: Benser and LowePro Mini-magnum cases and others

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A former boss of mine carries his Hasellblad around in a plastic drink cooler, 
figures no one expects anything but sandwiches, soda & ice.  So far, he's 
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  A very well lined diaper bag might be a good compromise!
  Who's gonna steal one of those?
  Health, Peace
  Selma, NC 27576
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    You've got me stumped now Mark! 
    Don't know which way to go--cheap with Army Surplus or extravagant with a 
    Maybe we can tote or gear in a paper bag? (smile)

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      Subject: [rollei_list] Re: Benser and LowePro Mini-magnum cases and others
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        You can see an example of this at:

        GOOD luck getting it thought the SUBWAY.
        should be called “the saboteurs bag” you’d need your SABOTEURS UNION 
CARD to get one.
        was it designed to hold blasting caps or the actual explosives 
themselves? :)

        and that Mini Magnum just screams  “expensive geeky camera gear”.

        the direction camera cases have taken now is to play themselves down 
not drawing attention to themselves.

        but his Colman bag draws attention to itself for just the opposite 
reason. Almost.

        “don’t look at me I’m just the Unabomber!”
        Or “I'm only paying 5 bucks for this bag you think I’d have something 
expensvie it it?”

        you guys know the “how do you fix a Coleman Stove” joke?

        I learned it right after I learned the one about the chicken crossing.

      Mark William Rabiner

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