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Just my luck.  How 'bout Colombia?  I am there quite often as-well. Never
mind, I'll just check next trip.

On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 8:31 PM, Allan Derickson <alland435@xxxxxxxxxxx>wrote:

>  I think they are outlawed in Canada now too. They used to be available
> over the internet but I haven’t seen any sources for quite some time. I
> purchased several around 2004 or 2005.
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> Allan,  you mentioned that you have a
> "Canadian stash" of the old batteries...does that mean that they can still
> be found up there???  I just returned from a week working in Toronto and
> will probably be regularly up in Ontario for the duration of this contract.
> Anybody know if the batteries are still for sale up there?
> On Sun, Jun 6, 2010 at 4:16 PM, Allan Derickson <alland435@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
> When I dusted off my old but only slightly used Rollei 3.5F all functions
> seems to work properly except the light meter. I shrugged and put it off to
> old age and figured I would just use a hand-held meter.  After thinking
> about it for awhile, however, it didn’t make much sense.  The camera had not
> seen much use and had been stored in a cool dark place so it didn’t seem
> right that the selenium cell would have deteriorated.  I nor anyone else had
> ever done any service on this camera but reading my manual the meter is
> user-serviceable to the extent of setting the zero and it shows how to
> remove it.  The zero was okay but I decided to take a look to see what I
> could see.  The back of the meter has two gold plated posts which fit into
> sockets which also have gold plated contacts.  I took a sharpened pencil
> eraser and polished each one and cleaned them with alcohol for good
> measure.  I also removed the selenium cell itself which has two gold plated
> contacts. I cleaned and polished these also.  After putting everything back
> together, guess what?  It reads spot on with my faithful old Gossen Sixtar
> (same as Super Pilot).
> As a side note, I’m done buying meters on Ebay.  A couple months ago I
> decided I should really start to learn and use the Zone System so I bought a
> Minolta spotmeter F.  It bears a sticker that it was calibrated in March of
> this year by Quality Light-metric in Hollywood.  After extensive testing I
> find that it is a stop off. At least it seems to be consistent over the
> range of light levels.  I’ll keep it but put my own sticker on it to remind
> myself to double the ISO value.  Now my old Gossen uses those nasty mercury
> cells and I’m down to my last couple of my Canadian stash.  For the first
> time in 40 years I dropped the darrn thing on concrete.  It cracked the
> plastic housing and the cds cell window.  I figured well 40 years ain’t bad
> and I sniped a Sekonic L-208 in the last seconds of an Ebay auction.  It
> just came and it’s two stops off in bright sunlight and pretty close in low
> light.  In other words, not linearly off. So it goes back. The Sixtar is
> still working so I’ll use it til it expires.
> Live and learn.

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