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  • From: Marc James Small <msmall@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sat, 24 Dec 2005 17:05:50 -0500

Now, THAT got your attention:  it's not often that you find a message with
a subj:  field of "Merry Christmas" in Russian crudely transferred into the
Roman alphabet.

This is a grand time for peace, calm, and reflection, and I'd like to thank
all for their courteous and kind discourse over the past year.  This List
is nothing without members, of course, but this List is defined by the
discourse among the members, and you guys have been a positive, solid, and
decent source of sound communication.  I always learn much from the
discussions and I stand, as I have for the past many years, in awe of the
wide-ranging and detailed knowledge of our folks.

So, the best of the Holidays to all -- Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, und
so weiter -- and a decent Winterleaven to the agnostics and Wiccans
(properly pronounced "witchin", incidentally, but the modern proponents do
not recall the proper saying of Old English words, so this one is right
down the drain, along with efforts to teach American teen-age lasses that
"Caitlin" is NOT "Kate-Lynn" but an Irish spelling for "Kathleen" and
deserves pronunciation in its original form as "Kat-leen", but, the, so be

Enjoy the time of the Solistice and remember that those days are getting so
much longer now <he grins>.  And we have not yet discussed the death of
Hasselblad's film cameras and the impact this will have on Rollei in the
year to come.  I am heavily invested in Hasselblad but at not much actual
cost, as my stuff is almost all C gear.  I'd have been into an SL66 had the
prices for these gems ever dipped to the level which Hasselblad C gear fell
a decade back.

Have a grand time, folks, and enjoy this time of family, friends, and a
solid faith that the days WILL get longer, that winter will go away, and
that Computer-Generated Images will only get more bizarre in the years to

And a straight-mechanical analog film camera with film produced in a real,
honest-to-God wet darkroom STILL produces an image with more information
than does the fanciest digital sensor.  That will change, but not for a
while.  We still own the world, guys, at least in terms of data capture.


Cha robh bàs fir gun ghràs fir!

NEW FAX NUMBER:  +540-343-8505

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