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  • From: Don Williams <dwilli10@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 13 Oct 2005 14:02:56 -0700

At 01:02 PM 10/13/2005, you wrote:

I agree with you on everything, except I do not have a Return key on any of my keyboards. I have to hit the Delete key after highlighting with the LEFT mouse button.

Jerry, I am sorry you don't have a Return key on your keyboard. I still use old keyboards which do have them.

I know you are tugging at my leg, but I'll bite- Use the Enter key in place of the Return Key.

As far as using Return/Enter vs the Delete key, it will vary depending on whether you are making the selection when you pick a section to include in your response, or you have included everything in your response (you have already hit "reply") and need to delete sections when editing the outgoing message.

I get a lot of family email and it invariably includes the past 6 messages, so I highlight just the section I want to include in the reply message, and then hit the reply icon or field. From there I add my comments and do any additional editing.

BTW, what do the MAC-Apple people do since there is only one button on their mice?

I don't have any MAC-Apple friends who will even lower themselves to communicate with me so I have no idea what they do. The fact is that I don't think I would recognize a MAC if I saw one. I last saw an Apple product, "Lisa, I think" at Comdex about 20 years ago.

If the MAC-Apple system has only one mouse button, it sort of suggests that they haven't made much improvement since it was stolen in the olden days from Xerox/PARC by both Microsoft and Apple.

Well, maybe some improvement. The PARC mouse was made from a block of wood. I would guess that the Apple mouses are made of plastic, since wood is on the endangered species list. (Of course plastic is also, generally being petroleum-based).

One good thing I can say about Apple, their "X" series of operating systems run on top of SCO Unix, which is very stable. Last time I heard the record for up-time, without a shutdown was held by a system running SCO Open Server. It was 19 years.

Sort of beats my Windows system, although with this year's updates, and particularly the October updates, my Windows system has become very stable.

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