[rollei_list] Re: A Regrettable Absence

  • From: Don Williams <dwilli10@xxxxxxx>
  • To: rollei_list@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 31 Aug 2010 21:32:07 -0500

At 03:28 PM 8/31/2010, Marc wrote, in part:
I will be closing station at 0500 hours, Zone 5 summer time, tomorrow, and will not be online again until 10 SEP. To the astonishment of you digitally-enhanced folks, I do not own a lap-top or a Blackberry or an Iphone or Ipad or a Kindle or whatever; I do not afford such nonsense on my cell phone as texting. I might check in with my stepdaughter's computer but do not count on it. I am like a fine wine, and do not travel well, but this has to be done. And I might get to reconnect to my best friend from High School (last physical contact in 2000) and a former step-son (last physical contact in 2000, as well). Again, I do not travel well.

Interesting thing, I will be going to my 60th and final High School reunion the weekend of 10-11 September and will be seeing some folks I have not seen since 1950. Should be interesting but it will be confusing. The local folks from that class have a brunch every month not far from here and I recognize only 2-3 of them. I will be taking my smallest digital camera.

That same weekend the Oklahoma University Physics Department is celebrating it's first Centennial, but it extends from the 9th to the 12th. I will have to give preference to the high school events which coincide with the Physics events. Also, I expect I will know no one at the Physics Department because the guys who went to school with me are either no longer with us or have moved far away. Interestingly, I will be taking a HS friend to a Physics Department event, the play "Copenhagen".

Finally, there is a third event. My old fraternity is having a tail gate party on the 11th before the OU-Florida State football game. I won't be going to that event but there are tail gate parties planned for the future.

Strange thing but I just can't be at all the events at the same time. Heisnburg just didn't come up with a large enough number to accommodate the time and distances that would be required.

I just delivered my wife to a hospital this afternoon and she will be undergoing some surgery events during the next two days, and is thankful that she now has a valid excuse for missing all the goings on.

As for me, I am learning to find what is in the kitchen and how to deal with the dogs, who have to stay in one of the bedrooms when no one is here.

Regarding the group, I will try to generate some interesting discussions, as I have from time to time, making up for Marc's Regettable Absence.

I'm told that I'm losing my mind...
but I don't miss it.  :)

Don Williams 

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