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The Rolleiflex 3,5E has an original fixed focusing screen size
56,5mm x 62,7mm The Rolleiflex 2.8F has an interchangeable focusing screen
size 64mm x 69mm x 1,6mm (thickness). There is a size difference between
the screens and you could need to add a thickness difference for the
Maxwell screen, it requires a special adjustment for a right focus most of
the times. There also is another difference between the E and F focusing
screens about the way the screens are placed in the viewfinder, A,B.C.D,
and E cameras have four screws to remove the finder hood and two leaf
springs beneath the focusing screen, these leaf springs help to regulate
the focusing screen focus.T, E2, E3 and F cameras don't have the screws and
there is a frame with a sub-frame where you insert the interchangeable
focusing screen; the frame has a hinge on the back side to pivot it when
you unlock it. In other words, I don't think you could use your E Maxwell
screen on the 2,8F, the size difference is significant, beyond others

The SL66 focusing screens are compatible with the GX/FX/FW/FT/FX-N TLR
cameras, they are not compatible with the older TLRs.


2015-07-17 15:23 GMT-03:00 Jan Decher <jdecher@xxxxxxx>:

Some Rollei questions:

Does anyone know if I can move my 3.5E (Maxwell) screen to the 2.8F?

Are Sl66 screens compatible with TLR screens?

Previous owner "installed" "splent rings" for a standard camera strap
around the crocodile strap posts on my "new" 2.8F. A real nuisance! Can
you remove it by loosening the two screws on the ends of the bar that holds
the crocodile strap post?


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