[rollei_list] Re: 3.5E and 2.8F questions

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The Rolleiflex “F” model uses a screen which measures 64x68mm. I’m not sure of
the “E” model screen will fit the “F” model, (something tells me no) but the
bigger question is with regard to focus.

The Beattie Intenscreen is the same thickness as the Rollei screen (I’ve had
many of them), and they do not require a focus adjustment.

With that being said, the Maxwell screen DO require a focus adjustment, so the
questions relate to fit and focus.


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Jan, Just cut the rings with a short-beak wire cutter. Not sure about the
screens. I have all the mentioned models but have been quite happy with the
factory screens since they have no bearing on image quality. I have rigid
magnifying hoods for both SL and TLR and that blocks any incidental light for a
good image. Cheers

On 17 July 2015 at 11:23, Jan Decher <jdecher@xxxxxxx> wrote:

Some Rollei questions:

Does anyone know if I can move my 3.5E (Maxwell) screen to the 2.8F?

Are Sl66 screens compatible with TLR screens?

Previous owner "installed" "splent rings" for a standard camera strap around
the crocodile strap posts on my "new" 2.8F. A real nuisance! Can you remove
it by loosening the two screws on the ends of the bar that holds the crocodile
strap post?


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