[rollei_list] Re: [2015-08-23] Some info about DW Photo GmbH

  • From: CarlosMFreaza <cmfreaza@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 24 Aug 2015 07:53:43 -0300

DW GmbH, the new company, is still working in Salzdahlumer Strasse 196 in
Braunschweig, according the info in Rolleiflex USA page in Facebook from
two weeks ago. They still have a few FX "Jock Sturges" and some Rollei 35
available. DW is servicing cameras right now and assembling products from
existing parts and producing new parts such as lens shades, RC-100 remote
shutter releases for the Hy6, and 6000 batteries.
As I wrote some weeks ago, the factory needs to pay a license to use the
names "Rollei" and "Rolleiflex", they belong to the original Rollei
company, dedicated to distribute products made in the Far East and to
administrate the license to use those names and the former "Rollei
Fototechnic" properties. DHW lost the license from Zeiss to use the names
"Planar" and "Sonnar and from Schneider "Super Angulon" and "Tele Xenar",
among other lenses name for the 6000/Hy6 cameras system. It looks like the
DW company did not pay the license to use the names "Rollei" and
"Rolleiflex" yet.-


2015-08-23 13:05 GMT-03:00 Emmanuel BIGLER <bigler@xxxxxxxx>:

I was trying to find on the 'net more info regarding the new company DW
Photo GmbH in Braunschweig, and I did not find much.

Apparently Hans Hartje is the boss of the new company

BTW, the German web site photoscala.de, one of my favourite European
sources of photographic info, was closed for some time, but is now back

So far, the info relative to DW Photo GmbH is scarce.
(article on photoscala.de dated July, 28 2015)


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